Forms & templates - Resources

The forms and templates on this page can help with obtaining permission to use copyrighted works in teaching and publishing work.

The electronic warning notice must be used for material copied and communicated under the Statutory Licence.

The notice should be displayed on, or immediately before, each electronic copy and communication made under the Licence. The notice must be located in such a way that the student using the material will see it.

The most common requirement for the notice is where staff are preparing teaching materials for Blackboard which contain third party copyright material, such as presentation slides and handouts. If making copies of third party copyright material such as book chapters and journal articles, use Reading Lists. The Library’s Reading Lists team will manage the notice requirements on your behalf.

Do not use the notice for material copied outside of the Statutory Licence. The Licence is only required for electronic usage, so is not required when giving hard copy handouts.

Licence templates to reuse student work

Students at Curtin will almost always retain and own the intellectual property and copyright for any work they complete as a part of their studies. To reuse these works, Curtin staff will need to seek permission from the student and can use these templates:

For the following situations we suggest you do not use any of the templates; instead speak with Curtin Legal Services to draft an alternative permission document:

  • If the student(s) wants to modify the terms of the permission and release.
  • Where the student work contains Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property.
  • If you plan to sub-licence the student work.

Guest presenter permission

This agreement template is for Curtin staff who plan to store and share guest lectures for educational, promotional, and/or commercial purposes. This form should be downloaded, completed and sent to the guest for signing. The Curtin Signatory should be local area contact who has engaged the speaker as a guest.

The Thesis Copyright Log template can help HDR students keep records on material they have reused in their thesis, if they have obtained permission for reuse and any other relevant copyright conditions.

Forms for depositing your thesis into espace (Curtin’s research repository) can be find in the Research Toolkit’s espace guide.